Real Human Protection

Crime can happen when you are busy or your business is closed, so turn the video monitoring over to professionals. Patrolio uses artificial intelligence and human guards to assess and deter threats before they turn into crime

Give your cameras superpowers

You can use your existing cameras or our cameras. We even support solar and 4G/LTE for flexible install options. We then add Artificial Intelligence and human remote guards to make your cameras crime deterring superheroes

Simple Pricing, Easy Setup

Starting at $20, we give you professional monitoring at a fraction of the price of our competitors. You can protect your business immediately without any proprietary expensive equipment.

How It Works

Easy to setup -- you are in complete control of sharing your cameras

Step 1

Share your outside cameras with Patrolio

Step 2

We remotely guard your cameras and your business

Step 3

We escalate to you and local security when there is a threat

$20 / camera / month
(billed yearly)
  • Free Initial Assessment
  • Human and AI Guards
  • Realtime Escalations
  • Deter with Lights and Sirens
  • Camera Settings Recommendations
  • Area Crime Updates
  • Daily and Weekly Reports
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