Reduction in crime influences home values in communities

Reduction in crime influences home values in communities

The research is clear

This may seem obvious, but there is a ton of research that supports this claim.  And we are not just talking about low crime versus high crime areas.  Instead, in this research from the University of Provo, it looks at zip codes that had a high reduction in crime and how the property values responded.  As stated from the abstract:  “Furthermore, zip codes in the top decile in terms of crime reduction saw property value increases of 7-19%”

More about Patrolio

This happened to me:  3am camera alarm goes off.  I run downstairs with no phone, no weapon, no pepper spray in my underwear.  Adrenaline pumping.  I was totally caught off guard and unprepared for the drunk man actively trying to get in my house.  It changed my perspective about how to be prepared.

Cameras by themselves are not enough!  They are just a sensor that detects something.  We recommend creating your own response plan, which may include a weapon, your phone, and your spouse/partner.  We highly recommend doing a drill just like the fire drills you do at work to test your response and even your family’s response.

We also recommend choosing a remote guarding service that can respond for you so you are not on your own.  A service like Patrolio can directly receive the motion alert and actively scare away the trespasser using the siren or two-way audio on the camera.  These services are brand new to homes but have been around for businesses for awhile.  Check it out at 

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